Investing in upgrading your wardrobe space is beneficial for both your daily living and your property’s overall value. It not only enhances your living space functionality and comfort but can also increase your home’s resale value by incorporating modern fixtures, stylish designs, and other upgrades. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of these upgrades for years to come. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in finding the perfect bespoke wardrobes in Brighton that fit within your budget, whether you’re renovating as part of a larger home improvement project or just upgrading certain elements of your home.

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wardrobe bedroom custom brighton


BuildCraft Solutions is a specialist in sourcing and installing high-quality bespoke wardrobe fixtures with great attention to detail. We are aware that the wardrobe is a highly personal and important part of the house and your day. Our expert wardrobe installers in Brighton have been offering premium services to locals in and the surrounding areas for many years. Our company offers a variety of wardrobe styles, such as contemporary, modern, and traditional. You can also create customised designs to suit your needs. Whatever you pick, rest assured that we take pride in sourcing and installing them for you.

We offer a wide range of services for bespoke fitted wardrobe installations in Brighton. Our team of experts will work closely with you throughout the project to ensure a flawless installation of your new wardrobe. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible experience by delivering perfection in the installation process, as well as cleaning up any mess afterwards.

If you need help picking out materials and fixtures for your bespoke wardrobes, we’re happy to assist. Our installation services are top-notch and our prices are competitive. Feel free to reach out to BuildCraft Solutions for all of your bespoke fitted wardrobe installations today!


If you want to improve the appearance of your wardrobe, you can contact BuildCraft Solutions. We specialise in complete wardrobe renovations that can transform an unattractive, uninteresting space into a stunning and practical room. Our services can help you gain more room, increase your property value, and enjoy a versatile space.

We provide complete bespoke built-in wardrobe installations in Brighton that include a manufacturer’s warranty. Our team is highly skilled and meticulous, ensuring fast and thorough project completion with attention to detail and cleanliness. We manage every aspect of your project, from design to installation and cleanup. Alternatively, you may choose our supply-only service.

We believe that your bespoke wardrobes should be both functional and visually appealing to provide an enjoyable space, especially considering it is frequently used at home. We offer advice and guidance for modern or traditional designs to help you make informed decisions that maximise your space, stay within your budget, and achieve excellent results.


As an independent supplier and expert in bespoke fitted wardrobes in Brighton, we have access to products from a wide range of top-of-the-line manufacturers and appliance providers. This means that whichever bespoke wardrobe style you’re looking for, we can plan it, find it, source it, and install it with surgical precision. To give you an idea of the quality of brands we source from, we supply and Install all major brands of bathroom retailers such as Wren, Howdens, Benchmarx, Magnet, Wickes, Ikea, and Homebase to name a few.

At BuildCraft Solutions, we think that a beautiful and functional wardrobe can enhance your quality of life, increase your property’s value, and make daily routines more enjoyable. The fact that we offer competitively priced, bespoke wardrobe designs and installations in Brighton ensures that you get to enjoy both form and function.

With our bespoke fitted wardrobe, you won’t have to worry about clutter or mess anymore. Plus, our installation process will save you time and hassle. With a new bespoke wardrobe design and installation, all aspects of the space are fitted to your requirements, making the options virtually limitless, so you can be sure that your wardrobe will look unique, and stylish.


At BuildCraft Solutions, we believe in both showing and telling our customers because we want to provide the best possible service. Let’s go back to when Pavel Holderik and Raoul Newman founded our building firm.

Between our two founders, with over 15 years of building experience between them, our company stands on a strong foundation. With that being the case, we make it our sole purpose to live up to that legacy. Most of the work that we facilitate, we do ourselves, and most importantly, we know how to prioritise, meaning that we only take on one job at a time. We assure our customers of efficient and continuous work while causing minimal inconvenience. As a way of showing our commitment to customer satisfaction and respect for their homes, we also clean up the small mess left after every job.

At BuildCraft Solutions Ltd., we provide a comprehensive range of building services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional work with meticulous attention to detail. Our highly trained professionals strive to offer a tailored and personal experience to every client, ensuring their complete satisfaction.


We are the finest choice for high-quality bespoke wardrobe installations in Brighton thanks to our top-of-the-line brand vendors and expert in-house technicians! Along with the best brands we acquire from, our skilled wardrobe fitters make sure that every component of your upgrade is placed flawlessly, according to plan, and leaves no mess behind. Oh, and we have a range of budgets for all of our inhabitants in and around the Brighton region, of course.

Having said that, your dream wardrobe is more feasible than you might realise! Choose BuildCraft Solutions if you want a bespoke wardrobe installation in Brighton that is both fashionable and useful. To begin your ideal home improvement project right now and without commitment, get in touch with us for a free quote.



What types of bespoke cabinetry solutions do you offer?

We offer a wide range of bespoke cabinetry solutions, including custom wardrobes, tailored storage units, and unique cabinetry designed to fit your specific needs and preferences.

How do you customise wardrobe designs to fit specific spaces?

We customise wardrobe designs to fit specific spaces by carefully planning and measuring the area. Our team ensures that every aspect of the wardrobe is designed to maximise space utilisation and aesthetic appeal.

Can you incorporate unique features into custom wardrobe designs?

Yes, we can incorporate unique features into custom wardrobe designs, such as innovative storage solutions, special lighting, and distinctive materials, to create a product that truly reflects your personal style.

What materials and finishes are available for bespoke cabinetry?

We offer a variety of materials and finishes for bespoke cabinetry, including different types of wood, laminates, and paints. Our range ensures that we can cater to diverse tastes and design preferences.

How does the design process work for custom wardrobes?

The design process for custom wardrobes involves an initial consultation to understand your needs, followed by detailed planning and design. We then present you with options and refine the design based on your feedback.

What is the typical timeline for designing and installing bespoke cabinetry?

The typical timeline for designing and installing bespoke cabinetry varies depending on the project’s complexity. However, we strive to complete projects efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards. To get a better idea, contact us today!

How do you ensure quality and durability in your custom cabinetry?

We ensure quality and durability in our custom cabinetry by using high-quality materials and employing skilled craftsmen. Plus we source only from the most trusted brands in the industry.

Can you accommodate specific storage needs in wardrobe designs?

Yes, we can!

What sets your bespoke cabinetry services apart in Brighton?

What sets our bespoke cabinetry services apart in Brighton is our commitment to personalised service, exceptional craftsmanship, and our ability to deliver unique, tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ spaces and styles.


  • We have finally came to completion of this job for our client in Brighton. It came up with lot of challenges including moving kitchen from rear to front and sorting out all wastes, water and involved upgrading whole gas system in order to have sufficient pressure of gas in brand new RangeCooker. The biggest challenge to start with was to get the kitchen down the basement which in the ended up involving removing part of wall, door frame and cladding and replacing it after everything has been completed with brand new banister. Complete new floor including cladding of the stairs as well was tricky as no single angle was the same. #wren #wrenkitchen #buildcraftsolutions #installation #quality
  • We have completed this kitchen just now with customer made breakfast bar made of 80mm solid oak block and it looks fantastic. #wren #wrenkitchen #kitchen #buildcraftsolutions #installation #quality
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