Refurbishing your property is an investment in both your home life and the overall value of your home or commercial space. Not only does it make for a more pleasant and functional space, but investing in upgraded fixtures, modern features, and stylish design choices can add to the resale value of your property and provide you with years of enjoyment (and maybe even a healthy profit if you’re looking to flip it and sell). Whether you’re renovating as part of a larger home improvement project or just looking to upgrade individual aspects of the property, our team of experienced building refurbishment experts in Brighton can help find the perfect options that fit your budget.



BuildCraft Solutions is a specialist in sourcing and installing high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures with great attention to detail. We are aware that a house is not only a highly personal space, but one that is a reflection of your lifestyle.

And that is why we work with you to express your taste. Our expert bathroom and kitchen installers in Brighton have been offering premium services to locals in and the surrounding areas for many years. We are one of the few building refurbishment companies in Brighton that are proud to source and install the best bathroom and kitchen designs of different styles, including contemporary, modern, and traditional to name a few. Of course, each client is different and we strive to cater to each one’s individual tastes.

Our company provides a diverse range of services for various types of commercial building renovations in Brighton as well as personal property renovations in and around the area. Our skilled team will collaborate with you from the beginning to the end of the project to guarantee that your new bathroom, kitchen, or any other space looks flawless and is correctly installed.

We can also assist you in selecting suitable materials and fixtures for your new building refurbishment project and provide installation services as well. Our services are priced competitively and are of exceptional quality. Contact BuildCraft Solutions today for all your property renovation needs in Brighton!

Basically, we are a building company that has been around for a long time and has a lot of experience. We have a single point of contact for all trades and building work, and we guarantee all of our work, including renovations and refurbishments. Our high standards include quality, performance, customer service, health, and safety. All work is done by qualified tradespeople who prioritise customer service. We hold multiple accreditations to ensure our quality and control when it comes to building renovations.

Our objective is to complete the project quickly and efficiently, minimising any inconvenience to you, and providing you with a high-quality renovation that will increase the value of your property. And most importantly, we just want to make sure that our customers walk away with a good experience and a property renovation that they can be proud of.



Refurbishing your property in Brighton provides you with an opportunity to do all of the things that you wished you had done the first time around. Whether you simply feel like a change, or you want to renovate your kitchen and bathroom to increase the value of your home, building renovations can allow you to make all the changes that you want to see.

At BuildCraft, we can help you to renovate your property, whether it involves renovating a single room or carrying out refurbishment projects on a much larger scale. When you hire a building renovation company in Brighton, you want to be able to enjoy the highest quality of workmanship, and that is exactly what we provide.

We have a strong reputation for honesty and integrity, which we’ve earned through hard work. Our focus is on continually improving and bringing innovation and originality to projects, so you can benefit from high-quality building renovations that are completed quickly.


One of the major advantages of all forms of building renovations is that they can add significant value to your home when you come to sell it in the future. By choosing us to carry out your building refurbishment or property renovation, you know that you are choosing an experienced company that will ensure you get the maximum value out of any changes made to your home. We will also minimise any inconvenience to you by working fast, while always ensuring the very highest standards.



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At BuildCraft Solutions, we believe in both showing and telling our customers because we want to provide the best possible service. Let’s go back to when Pavel Holderik and Raoul Newman founded our building firm.

Between our two founders, with over 15 years of building experience between them, our company stands on a strong foundation. With that being the case, we make it our sole purpose to live up to that legacy. Most of the work that we facilitate, we do ourselves, and most importantly, we know how to prioritise, meaning that we only take on one job at a time. We assure our customers of efficient and continuous work while causing minimal inconvenience. As a way of showing our commitment to customer satisfaction and respect for their homes, we also clean up the small mess left after every job.

At BuildCraft Solutions Ltd., we provide a comprehensive range of building services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional work with meticulous attention to detail. Our highly trained professionals strive to offer a tailored and personal experience to every client, ensuring their complete satisfaction.


We are a reliable choice for high-quality property renovations in Brighton. With years of experience, a talented team of fitters, and top-notch brands to furbish your home with, we ensure that the end result will be absolute perfection. Our installation process is also clean and precise, leaving no mess on your floor. Oh, and of course, we have a variety of budgets for all of our residents in and around the Brighton area.

If you have been imagining a dream space for your home, it is possible to make it a reality. BuildCraft Solutions offers custom property renovations in Brighton that are both stylish and practical. Contact us now to get a free estimate and start your dream home renovation project with no obligation.



Which areas of property refurbishment—such as interiors, exteriors, and structural work—do you specialise in?

We specialise in a comprehensive range of property refurbishment areas, including interiors, exteriors, and structural work. Our expertise covers all aspects of building renovations, ensuring high standards in every project.

Could you explain how you customise refurbishment projects to meet specific client requirements, such as design preferences or functional needs?

We customise refurbishment projects to meet specific client requirements by understanding their design preferences and functional needs. We then tailor our approach, ensuring the final outcome aligns with their vision.

What is the process for a typical refurbishment project?

The process for a typical refurbishment project involves initial consultation, design and planning, material selection, and execution of the work. We ensure seamless coordination at every stage for a smooth refurbishment experience.

How do you ensure quality and durability in your refurbishment work?

We ensure quality and durability in our refurbishment work by using high-quality materials from trusted brands and employing skilled tradespeople. Our focus on meticulous attention to detail guarantees long-lasting results.

Can you handle both residential and commercial refurbishment projects?

Yes, we can!

Do you offer eco-friendly and sustainable refurbishment options?

We offer eco-friendly and sustainable refurbishment options, understanding the importance of environmental responsibility. We can source sustainable materials and implement energy-efficient solutions.

How do you manage project timelines and budgets for refurbishments?

We manage project timelines and budgets effectively by thorough planning and efficient project management. But what we give importance to is transparency so all parties involved have a clear picture from the start. This ensures that everything stays within the agreed-upon budget and that the project gets completed on time.

Can you provide examples of past refurbishment projects you've completed?

Yes, we can! Just give us a call and we can walk you through some of our previous projects. See more : https://www.instagram.com/buildcraftsolutions/

What unique aspects of your refurbishment services distinguish you from other providers in Brighton?

What distinguishes us from other providers in Brighton is our commitment to quality, customer service, and our ability to provide a comprehensive service with a single point of contact for all trades and building work.

What steps should I take to start a renovation with BuildCraft Solutions?

To start a renovation with us, you should reach out for an initial consultation. We will discuss your needs, assess your property, and provide guidance on the next steps to bring your renovation project to life.


  • We have finally came to completion of this job for our client in Brighton. It came up with lot of challenges including moving kitchen from rear to front and sorting out all wastes, water and involved upgrading whole gas system in order to have sufficient pressure of gas in brand new RangeCooker. The biggest challenge to start with was to get the kitchen down the basement which in the ended up involving removing part of wall, door frame and cladding and replacing it after everything has been completed with brand new banister. Complete new floor including cladding of the stairs as well was tricky as no single angle was the same. #wren #wrenkitchen #buildcraftsolutions #installation #quality
  • We have completed this kitchen just now with customer made breakfast bar made of 80mm solid oak block and it looks fantastic. #wren #wrenkitchen #kitchen #buildcraftsolutions #installation #quality
  • This Kitchen was one of the most complicated kitchens we have ever installed, mainly walnut worktops was quite a challenge but it was absolutely amazing to see how much was customer in Burgers Hill pleases with result. #wren #wrenkitchens #buildcraftsolutions
  • Another of our Wren Kitchens Installation completed for client in Brighton. #Wren #wrenkitchens #buildcraftsolutions
  • Installation of Wren Kitchen again completed to the highest spec for client in Haywards Heath #wren #wrenkitchens #buildcraftsolutions #kitchen #installation